General Selection

Individuals who will be sponsored by the network are professionals who will bring significant contribution not only to their country but to the region as well.

A General Eligibility Criteria

  1. must be an AeHIN member (secretariat must receive application for AeHIN membership before submission of application. Applicants may register HERE)
  2. must have participated in at least one AeHIN Hour (more participations, more credit)
  3. must be subscribed to the AeHIN General Mailing list (email address is not bouncing)
  4. must have shared at least one resource at (more shared resources, more credit)
  5. must submit a 100-word (maximum) statement on how they will use the learnings from the event for national eHealth development and regional network strengthening
  6. official endorsement from the ministry/company/NGO for the applicant's participation to the event
  7. has a passport with 6 months validity from date of arrival to the city of the meeting

B Additional criteria (used to break ties in rankings)

  1. with endorsement from the Ministry of Health (for non-MOH participants)
  2. has not yet received support from AeHIN
  3. officially participating in an eHealth project of national significance (pls provide appropriate documentation such as project website and project manager certification)

C Participant responsibilities and counterparts

  1. advance payment of airfare (most direct economy roundtrip to venue). The flight itinerary and cost should be submitted and pre-approved by the organizer prior to purchase. This cost will be reimbursed by bank transfer upon successful completion of the event by the participant. (In special cases, participants may be reimbursed by travelers checks at the venue).
  2. local transfers (home to country airport; country airport to home)
  3. personal credit card for use upon check-in. Although AeHIN will cover the cost of accommodations for the duration of the event, some hotels require a credit card upon check-in. Additional nights and mini-bars are on the account of the participant. AeHIN will endeavor to request the hotels to waive this requirement as much as possible.
  4. meals outside of the conference/event
  5. visa processing fees, airport fees, taxes, insurance and other expenses
  6. bring own laptop (if no laptop is available, participants are encouraged to borrow from their company/employer)
  7. willingness to serve as facilitator of AeHIN events (in various ways: receiving guests, monitoring attendance, documenting proceedings, writing news articles, or any task that can assist in the success of the event)
  8. should shoulder their own travel insurance

D Available subsidies for accepted participants

  1. Once shortlisted, the applicant will receive any or all of the following:
  2. full airfare (pre-approved itinerary and cost; this will be reimbursed via bank transfer upon successful completion/participation of the event)
  3. accommodations for international guests (out-of-town participants on a case-to-case basis)
  4. tuition/registration fees
  5. conference meals

E Selection process

AeHIN will select participants based on the judgment of a selection committee composed of members of the Working Council. AeHIN reserves the right to select and reject applications.

After the application period, the list of applicants are sent to three members of the AeHIN Working Council. Within 72 hours, the members of the selection committee will rate the applicants as YES (proceed to shortlisting) or NO (will not proceed to shortlisting) and return the scoring sheet to the Secretariat. They will not see the scores of the other two committee members.

The Secretariat will merge the reports of all three members and rank the applicants (according to the consensus of the selection committee members). The merged sheet will show the rating of the members and the consolidated scores (3, 2, 1, 0). The committee members will be provided a view of this consolidated report for their review and audit.

The top applicants (up to the allowable number depending on the event) will be sent INSTRUCTION letters on what they need to do to receive sponsorship. This would include booking a flight, sharing the itinerary and costing, and obtaining approval of both from the Secretariat. The applicant is also requested to agree to the terms and conditions of the sponsorship (eg, assisting AeHIN in future events, etc). Once complied, the successful applicant will be sent an ACCEPTANCE letter. If the applicant is unable to completely comply to the instructions within the period allocated for response, they will be informed that their slot has been transferred to another candidate.

All decisions made by the selection committee and Secretariat are final. Appeals can be received but may or may not be addressed depending on exigencies.